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School Governance

School Board of Directors: 
To learn more about our School Board of Directors and access the agenda and minutes for current and historical meetings, please click here.
Title IX Notice - California SB 1375

California Senate Bill 1375 enacted July 1, 2017, added a section to the Education Code 221.61, relating to Educational Equity, requiring public schools post in a prominent and conspicuous location on the Internet websites, specific information relating to Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) to promote the goal of providing greater levels of gender equity in schools.

If you have a concern about your Alliance school, please contact the School Administrator at (213)-748-0141.

For more information regarding the State’s Gender Equity requirements, please visit the California Department of Education Gender Equity/Title IX web page here.

To file a formal complaint, please contact Alliance Title IX Coordinator at [email protected].

Suicide Prevention Policy: 
In order to attempt to reduce suicidal behavior and its impact on students and families, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools shall develop preventive strategies and intervention procedures in accordance with guidelines outlines in AB2246. For more information regarding Alliance College-Ready Public School's Suicide Prevention Policy, please access the document here.

Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy engages in school-wide activities and programs to enhance connectedness, contribute to a safe and nurturing environment, and strengthen protective factors that reduce risk for students.

All teachers and staff receive suicide prevention training in order to identify and respond to students at risk of suicide.