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Visitor Policy



We are committed to working with “parents as our partners” to positively impact student performance Parents are always welcome to visit the school and observe their child in the classroom. This will give you a first-hand experience with what is being is being taught and how it will ultimately benefit your child.


Before you go to School

  • Contact your child’s teacher to schedule a mutually convenient date and time in which to conduct your classroom observation
  • Bring a note pad and a pen or pencil to take notes
  • Please leave siblings at home


When you are at School

  • Sign-in at the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge. Someone from the office will walk you to the classroom
  • Turn off cell phones when observing
  • Do not visit other teachers if you are not scheduled to observe in their classroom
  • Respect your child’s teacher, classmates and classroom

-Avoid engaging in a conversation or interrupting the teacher while a lesson is being conducted

-If you need to speak to your child’s teacher about your child’s academic progress, schedule a parent-teacher conference

-Sit quietly when you observe and sit in the place designated by the teacher

-Feel free to take notes and speak softly when spoken to



While you are in the classroom, ask yourself the following questions

  • Is student class work displayed and does it seem appropriate for the grade level?
  • Is the classroom cheerful?
  • What do you see the students doing?
  • Are students following directions and behaving appropriately?
  • Is the teacher asking questions that stimulate student learning and keep them engaged?
  • Does the teacher seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject matter?
  • What is the theme or topic of the lesson?
  • What are students expected to learn? Refer to the content standard written on the white board.
  • What activities and resources are used during your observation?



After the visit, ask yourself the following questions

  • What were your impressions about the class?
  • What did you think of the lesson?
  • Was the class what you expected or nor, and why?


White down questions that you would like to ask your child’s teacher

  • _____________________________________________


  • _____________________________________________








Estamos comprometidos a trabajar con los “padres como nuestros aliados” para impactar el rendimiento académico de nuestros estudiantes. Los padres siempre son bienvenidos a visitar la escuela y observar a su hijo/a.


Antes de ir a la Escuela

  • Comuniquese con el maestro de su hijo/a para programar una cita en un horario conveniente para ambos, en el cual pueda hacer una observación del salon de clases
  • Apague los teléfonos célulares durante su visita
  • No visite a otros maestros si no tiene una cita para observer sus clases


Respete al Maestro de su Hijo/a, a sus companeros y al salón de clases

  • Evite entablar una conversación o interrumpir al maestro mientras presenta una lección
  • Si necesita hablar con el maestro sobre el progreso académico de su hijo/a, haga una cita para una conferencia de padres y maestros
  • Siéntese en silencio en el lugar que le indique el maestros
  • Siéntase libre de tomar notas y hablar en voz baja cuando se dirijan a Usted



Mientras está en el salon de classes, hágase las siguientes preguntas

  • Hay muestras del trabajo estudiantil en el salón? Son apropiadas para el grado escolar?




  • El salón de clases es alegre?
  • Qué hacen los estudiantes?
  • Los estudiantes siguen las instruciones y se comportan apropiadamente?
  • El maestro hace preguntas que estimulan el aprendizaje de los estudiantes y los mantiene interesados?
  • Es entusiasta el maestro y demuestra tener conocimiento sobre el tema?
  • Cuál es el tema de la lección?
  • Qué se espera que los estudiantes aprendan?
  • Qué actividades y recursos se utilizan durante su observación?


Después de la Visita, hágase las siguientes preguntas

  • Cuál fue su impresión de la clase?
  • Qué opine de la lección?
  • La clase fue lo que Usted esperaba al maestros de su Hijo/a


Escriba preguntas que le gustaria hacerle al maestro de su hijo/a.

  • ___________________________________________


  • ___________________________________________


  • ___________________________________________






The safety and security of staff and students at Richard-Merkin Middle School is of utmost importance.  A critical part of creating a safe campus environment is for the administration, as well as those individuals or classrooms receiving visitors, to have advance knowledge of all visitors. School administration must know at all times who is on campus and reserves the right to refuse entry to any visitor. The following procedures for visiting Richard-Merkin Middle School will be strictly followed. 



Richard-Merkin Middle School is a closed campus. All students are required to remain on school grounds during the regularly scheduled school day, including the lunch period. It is unlawful for anyone to take a student away from school during the regular school day without first obtaining proper permission from a designated school official.



Principals are responsible for managing involvement of volunteers and visitors, and for ensuring that the activities of visitors and volunteers do not result in undue disruption of the instructional program. It is also important that the presence of visitors and volunteers does not contribute to safety or security issues for students and staff members or for the visitors themselves.



·       Request an appointment for a visitation date and time from the office staff after entering the school office.  As much advance notice as possible should be given, but no visitor can be guaranteed entry to the campus on a specific date and time.

·       Sign into the visitor’s log immediately upon entrance, providing all requested information (e.g., visitor’s name, date, time, name, purpose of visit, other additional information the School may require). This is for the safety of students, staff, as well as the individual in case of emergency.  Failure to provide information will be grounds for denial of access.

·       Show identification. Failure to provide information will be grounds for denial of access.

·       Complete a visitor’s badge and obtain the principal/designee’s approval before proceeding. The visitor’s badge may include the following information: visitor name, date, time, destination and office approval. You may be required to wait depending on the principal’s/designee’s availability.

·       Wear a visitor’s badge at all times during your stay at the school.

·       Keep observation of classroom activity to a particular purpose and reasonable frequency, as determined by the School.

·       Follow the established procedures for scheduling an appointment with the teacher(s).

·       Return the visitor’s badge to the school office before leaving the campus and sign out.  You must indicate on the visitor’s log the time you are leaving the school.



·       The staff person/student you are visiting must be on campus that day and aware of the visit. 

·       Visitors must be escorted by designated school-personnel at all times on campus.

·       Do not interfere with any school activity during the visitation.  Visiting the School is a privilege, not a right.

·       Enter and leave the classroom as quietly as possible when class is in session.

·       While class is in session, do not converse with students, teachers, and/or instructional aides during the visitation unless explicitly permitted.